January 27, 2011

Making Ice Cream!

My daughter and I tried out the Sassafras Kids 14-Piece Ice Cream Set from CSN Stores today.

This is a great little ice cream machine! It was very easy to use, and took less time to make ice cream than I even thought it would. Best of all, the ice cream was actually delicious!

There are a few recipes included in the kit, and we tried the vanilla first. I had to do the cooking since it all involved the stove, but my daughter was able to help measure the ingredients. While the cream warmed on the stove, she was able to color in her ice cream-maker hat - a little trinket that makes a HUGE impression on the little ones! She loved it! Once the recipe was ready, we popped it in the freezer, and hours later we were eating something she was so proud of! It did take longer to freeze than the directions said, but it did note that this was a possibility since all freezers are different.

This company sure knows how to please kids, because there was also a pack of sprinkles included in the kit, and some cute ice cream bowls and spoons. Talk about a fun treat! My daughter was just in heaven with these little extras, and it made her ice cream-making day all the more special.
This little machine is definitely not as powerful or as fancy as most ice cream makers on the market. But it's also geared toward kids and other ice cream makers are not. This is her special machine, and it makes just enough for her (and her mom, of course!) to enjoy.

The machine was easy to use, easy to clean, and (yay!) is easy to store. It runs on batteries, so it doesn't need to be stored in the freezer like other machines (so it doesn't take up valuable freezer space). The directions say it can run 8 cycles before needing new batteries ... not bad.

I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone with kids. A fun treat for the whole family!

January 12, 2011

More redecorating ...

My goal for 2011: finally finish my house! We moved in two years ago, and we've been slowly working on getting it to look like how we want it. We have made A LOT of progress: a new kitchen, two new bedrooms, my beautiful sewing room. But the dining room - the room right in the center of the house - needs some work, and it hits me in the face every time I walk in the front door. We were able to paint it right before Emmy got home - a bright red and cream instead of the rusty, dull red it was when we moved in. And we have a new red and white floral cabinet in the corner to stash all our stuff. But the table in the center is the wrong color and, most embarrassing, the chairs that go with it are broken and stained beyond recognition. I found this round chair at CSN Stores. I think this would go a long way toward making my dining room something bold and modern, something that fits my style, and something I can be proud of. Pair it with an inexpensive old table from Craigslist and I'll have a complete house!


What a great New Year is has been so far! I get to see adorable stuff like this every day ....

I love having two daughters!