July 8, 2010

Little Tikes basketball set review

I recently received the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball set from CSN stores. Annie is an AMAZING athlete (especially considering she is only 3 years old), so I knew she would love it. And I was not at all wrong. Annie ADORES her new basketball set.

I'll get the negatives out of the way first. When we opened up the box, we noticed right away that it was actually missing the rim! Aagh! After quite a long cry (by Annie, and almost by me as well!!), I decided to call Little Tikes. I decided that since the box was sealed, it was probably their fault it wasn't included - not CSN Stores. Luckily, they agreed to send a new rim out, and a week later, we were ready to go.

Set-up was super easy. It only took a few minutes and Annie was ready to play.

I love that the set is adjustable - she can use it perfectly now at 3 1/2 years old and she will still be able to grow into it since we don't even have it at its highest setting. Even better, her younger sister will also be able to use it with her (once she arrives ... hopefully soon! .... from Ethiopia). I even have a great time, myself, trying to stand as far back as I can to make a baskets ... which I rarely actually make. Nevertheless, it's great for all ages.

The set is well-made and very durable. We added sand to the bottom so it will even stand up to storms and wind.

The basketball set is super fun and I highly recommend it! We will have fun all summer playing with it, and for many summers to come.