December 15, 2010

Fisher Price Fun With Friends Musical Table

A few weeks ago, I received the Fisher Price Fun with Friends Musical Table from CSN Stores. Emmy needed something to distract her while the rest of the family got ready in the morning, and I thought this might be the perfect toy. So far, it's working great!

I have always been a fan of Fisher Price toys, and this one lives up to the others. I love that there are the different learning modes, so each part of the toy does something different in each mode. That's a lot of options ... and we're still discovering new songs on this toy! Always something to explore!

My daughter's favorite part is the telephone. She loves picking it up and pushing the buttons.

One of the modes is a Spanish mode. That one's not my favorite, and I try to keep that one off as much as possible. Instead of being purely in Spanish, it translates from English to Spanish. As a language teacher, I know that is not the way to learn a language, so it bugs me.

My other complaint is that the toy does not seem as sturdy as other Fisher Price toys. When Emmy leans on it to play, it actually moves. It's difficult for her to stay in one place and play with this. She is getting better and learning not to lean too much, but since I got this toy BECAUSE she could stand to play with it, it's sort of disappointing it isn't more stable for her.

But despite those minor flaws I do recommend this toy. It has great (catchy!) songs, lots of buttons to push (to keep baby entertained while developing dexterity), and a lot of options for long-term learning.