January 12, 2011

More redecorating ...

My goal for 2011: finally finish my house! We moved in two years ago, and we've been slowly working on getting it to look like how we want it. We have made A LOT of progress: a new kitchen, two new bedrooms, my beautiful sewing room. But the dining room - the room right in the center of the house - needs some work, and it hits me in the face every time I walk in the front door. We were able to paint it right before Emmy got home - a bright red and cream instead of the rusty, dull red it was when we moved in. And we have a new red and white floral cabinet in the corner to stash all our stuff. But the table in the center is the wrong color and, most embarrassing, the chairs that go with it are broken and stained beyond recognition. I found this round chair at CSN Stores. I think this would go a long way toward making my dining room something bold and modern, something that fits my style, and something I can be proud of. Pair it with an inexpensive old table from Craigslist and I'll have a complete house!

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